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How to address the pain points Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

How to address the pain points - Essay ExampleThis therefore means that they neer worked in reference to the mission of the social club. This misunderstanding therefore led to the poor performance. Working when as a team raises the team spirit thereby principal to the increase in productivity (Eugene 2000).Another better way of improving the productivity of the team is by the delegation of duties appropriately in the team. The leaders atomic number 18 then appointed from the members. Through this, there will be an improved effective way of communication within the team. Poor communication is a major cause of business failure. it is therefore important to highlight that through roper communication, the team will alship canal be punctual to whichever job they are called upon to do. communicating is a very crucial factor in any business institution it also enhances readiness for the members. This in the long run is for the better of the Company in regards to productivity (Eugene 20 00)..Another important way for the improvement of the companys productivity is by making arrangements in advance, proper accounting and present keeping. A company that has well kept records makes finds it easier in doing counter checking on the progress of its progress (Eugene 2000).It is therefore important for the IncredibleApps Company to develop better ways of communicating with the employees. Proper planning is too ideal for the company as well as effective supervision of the workers by the

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Graduate Reflection Paper 4(a) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Graduate Reflection Paper 4(a) - Essay ExampleThere are many factors that create a leader with strong communication skills. Covey (1989) states that being a good listener brings many benefits for the leader. It helps the leader build relationships and it is a very important discriminate of appraisal and training. Covey also suggests that communication has four components speaking, writing, reading and listening.Ca moveo et al. (2003) suggests that leaders must create a system of effective communication with their employees and leadership must have effective communication in order to have complete leadership. Covey (1990) created seven principles regarding communication Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win/win, seek first to understand and then to be understood, synergize and sharpen the saw (p. 41). Covey talks about these habits as military man endowments that enhance a leaders communication skills by placing them in a frame of mind that cre ates their ability to move their employees forward (Covey, 1990). This means that they also inquire to have a voice in communication. Leaders must be active listeners, create a space for employees to speak their minds respectfully and help their employees to separate their own voice (Covey, 2004).Each leader must be influential which means they also need to understand how to persuade their employees. This does not the must pressure their employees but rather understand how to move them towards what is expected or needed. Carnegie (1964) suggests that the one way to get someone to do something is to make them want to do it. A strong leaders does this by helping their employees improve, not by criticizing them. Also, leaders must show employees that they are appreciated. These ideas will help employees stay motivated to run well with their manager. This also means that the manager must seek to find a

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Race and Intersectionality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Race and Intersectionality - Essay ExampleThe paper tells that according to Eliot, intersectionality is the study of the intersections between various disenfranchised minority groups. To be specific, it is the study of the multiple systems interactions of difference and oppression. It is a study methodology of relationships among many modalities and dimensions of subject formations and social relationships. Racism is an issue of actions, practices, and views that are non only desirable based on sex activity because they contribute to a sense of superiority and inferiority. It reflects the humanity belief segmented in groups with women experiencing the highest effect of racism than men. Eliot points out that intersectionality tries to look into how and suggests different categories of culture, social and biota interact on many simultaneous levels thus contributing to socially unequal systems. Furthermore, Smith explains that intersectionality is of the stand that traditional concep tualization of acts of oppression in the consentaneous society such as sexism, religion, and racism do not function independently, however, these oppression forms interrelate creating oppression systems that portray the multiple forms intersection of discrimination. Racism is not an effect but a tactic in the internal fission of society into binary opposition, a means of creatingbiologized internal enemies, against whom society must retain itself. ... Moreover, another example when my son was born I had been deadened with a needle in my spine. He was shown to me-the incredible miracle nothing prepared me for-then taken from me in the name of medical progress. From the examples, intellectuality is being portrayed in the hospital set up. Stripping away a baby is like stripping a mother all her motherly rights. This portrays how sexual practice is being reflected in the intersectionalism. According to Smith, as individuals seek to create a socially fulfilling and just everyday life span and as a collection seeking to make history through social movements and political actions, we struggle with unstable connections between class, gender, and race. The explanatory and methodological good example for connecting all these three different axes difference and identity, of antagonism and alliance remains elusive. Harjo observes that any comparative history suggests that solidarity demand across class race and lines of gender are most likely to compete than to coalesce. According to Eliot, social inequality different intersections are called matrix of domination. This can also be referred to as vectors of internal and oppression. This term explains how differences in people like class, sexual orientation, age, race among others act as measures of oppression towards the women and finally change experiences in society as support like a woman. Smith explains how women for many days have been raped in wars, the immigrants and the blacks to show them their inferiority or for the men to stamp their authority. For many years the societies have had thinking that influence and fuels oppression and intensify these differences further.

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Effact of the government shot down in us Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Effact of the government shot down in us - Essay Examplenment runs several archives, libraries, and museums, and when it shut down, services from these institutions were temporarily stopped or delimited (Field, Basken, and Howard par.2). As a result, students who needed information from these organizations were hindered from completing their assignments, or their projects/assignments suffered delays. Furthermore, students who rely on government-sponsored scholarships were somewhat affected. A week or more delays from a government shutdown delayed the release of funds for disadvantaged students on scholarship (Field, Basken, and Howard par.3). Finally, government-run educational institutions temporarily stopped working. Public phalanx academies were the hardest hit because they primarily relied on government funding (Atteberry par.5-7). These students would have had their education put on hold, while their access to school services and resources were also hindered when they were uns ympathetic because of the government shutdown (Atteberry par.10). Thus, the government shutdown directly affected students in several ways.When a government shuts down, its research and educational organizations immediately experience point in operations in the short run (in varying degrees) and are at risk of a complete closure too in the keen-sighted run. Either way, the lives of many college students are changed in ways that they could not have anticipated. Thus, the U.S. government shutdown, if it lasted for more than two weeks, could have severely economically and socially force public institutions, including the educational sector.Atteberry, Emily. 5 Ways the Shutdown has Affected College Students. USA Today, 3 Oct. 2013. Web. 31 Oct. 2013. .Field, Kelly, Basken, Paul, and Jennifer Howard. How a Government Shutdown Would Affect Academe. The Chronicle of high Education, 30 Sept. 2013. Web. 31 Oct. 2013.

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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 23

Management - Essay ExampleAfter that, e very(prenominal)body choose what part of the project that he or she wanted to do.By the second week, the group established a schedule that suited the whole team. The main purpose of this was to abut and discuss further plans in order to meet the course requirements. Also, the structure of the group was balanced, where every person reported to each(prenominal) the other members. This gave the group the advantage of knowing and being up-to-date on what their colleagues were working(a) on. Another advantage that the group had was no line of work or process conflicts in choosing the film or working on our meeting schedule. The all-channeled structure do it easy for us to communicate with each other. The group also set their goals and expected outcomes from this experience, and then laid down the plan of how to meet them.Our goals for the team were very straightforward when we began our project. Unexpectedly, we had established some SMART goals for the team prior to knowing the full definition. Our specific goal was a time-bound goal. We decided that everyone would do his or her task and submit it by a specific time.The influence style most frequently used in our group was the collaborative approach. We worked together to include everyone in the decision making process and left no group member in the dark. There was never a set position of power because we all worked together in delegating all of our tasks. This influence style was highly effective because it vacateed our group to work as a team and not as singular entities. By agreeing on all of our tasks together, we were able to form a material unbiased opinion. This allowed us to efficiently set goals and maintain a strong work ethic. Through using this process, there were little to no conflicts. The only minor conflict that arose was when we could not find a set date that would allow our schedules to work together however, we communicated effectively through emails and got together when

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National incident based reporting system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

National incident based reporting system - demonstrate ExampleThis paper identifies the current challenges of law-breaking reporting as the lack of harmonization on the usage of offence reporting programs used in diverse states in U.S. It is important to note that or so cities have failed to incorporate NIBRS into their wickedness saloon and detection system. It also addresses the technological opportunity presented by NIBRS in crime reporting technology and its advantages over the UCR. The paper makes some basic recommendation for effective crime reporting system. First, it recommend the need to involve the community and popular citizens in the system since they are the one affected by crime and it might be more(prenominal) effective if they know exactly the significance of correctly reporting a crime incident. Secondly, it calls for the crime reporting system to be more alert so as to adapt to the changing society so as to capture immerging new forms of crimes in our soc iety.A crime is an act that violates a political or moral rule. Presently, an act that was considered a crime some years back might no longer be a crime in todays society. It is also true that what a certain community considers to be an antisocial act might mean nothing to another community. Statistical crime rate will directly be affected as stopping point and political environment changes. This in turn determines the allocation of resources for the enforcement of such laws and also influences public opinion. Public perception of a crime is affected if on that point are changes in the way the crime data are collected. (Hart, 1961)Law enforcing agencies before used to employ awkward way of crime reporting to know whether crime is increasing or not such as counting the number of people in the people and this made crime data analysis really difficult. Until early 18th century, the data collection on crime incidences was insignificant. (Blythe, 1992)The governments of all nations al l over the world have been looking forward to minimizing the occurrence of crime in the society. The incidences of crimes are usually identified by location, gender, nature and race by these crime reporting programs. This has really helped the government in allocating resources by allocating more resources in the areas more prone to crimes to reduce them.The crime incidences reporting have helped the Federal state to plan and redirect resources in fighting crimes since the UCR began its operations match to the data collected by USA government.According to the FBI (2006), there is an overall reduction in crime incidences ranging from violent to simple assaults for the past ten years. disceptation of the problemMany crimes that happen every day goes unreported in the UCR crime reporting program. NIBRS in the other hand, as an improvement of UCR, has its own limitations.One, there is no enough resources needed to capture all the crime incidences. This in turn has lead to its failure i n giving a proper outline of crime to the law enforcement agencies for it to strategies effective ways of fighting crimes. This has been contributed by failure of some cities to introduce the NIBRS in their systems and lack of harmonization in crime prevention system strategies and partnership between cities.This paper is an effort to address

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Marketing Plan 2007 for NESCAF Coffee (Nestle) Assignment

Marketing Plan 2007 for NESCAF Coffee ( cuddle) - Assignment ExampleIn 1996, Nescafe Kenjara was added to the range. (Nestle, UK) outer Marketing audited account In 1939 Nescafe was introduced in Britain and umber resultion started at the Hayes factory. In 1954 Nescafe was made with 100% coffee. The companys technology in 1964 cooperateed it to retain the coffee aroma in Nescafe. Nescafe Original decaf was launched in 1998, and today there is a whole range of instant Nescafe coffees available to suit every taste. (Nestle, UK).Nestle has been continuously improving its instant coffees using new technologies and much innovation. It was the first manufacturer in the UK to introduce coffee with a new rich aroma to enhance the coffee flavour.The market Nescafe has been around for many years since 1937 and for many years it has been the number one instant coffee brand in the UK. Nescafe, of course, has to mete out with competition from other brands. One such brand is the commodity Afr ican Coffee (GAC), formerly known as Rwenzori Finest Coffee. President of Uganda predicted that one day Good African Coffee would become a household brand like Nescafe.Another competing brand is Kenco Instant Coffee, one of the UKs leading coffee brands. ... During 1962 the company changed its surname to the Kenco Coffee Company. Baby Milk Action, which campaigns against the aggressive marketing of baby milk in the Third World, blacklisted Nescafe Partners Blend, produced by Nestlewhose activities in the baby milk market cause attracted most opprobrium from such campaign groups. In 2005, Kraft Foods, the worlds second biggest food company, predicted that within the next decade, 60% to 80% of the coffee market would be taken up by products with independent certification for fairtrade issues. Ethical marketing Nestle and its product, Nescafe, have to cope with this fact in their external environment face of their marketing activities in 2007.Market share In terms of market share, N escafe is the nations default coffee of choice valued at 375m. Internal Marketing Audit Product development Packaging can be used to help in establishing product differentiation. Marketing Objectives Generally, the objective of marketing a firms product is to help the firm achieve its objective of maximising profit. Ethical marketingMarketing mix One of the important concepts in marketing is that of the marketing mix. A product can be marketed on three levels. The core product is the benefit which the product delivers to customers. It is benefits which customers actually buy and not products, so benefits and not products should be marketed. A products physical features represent the tangible product, i.e. quality, style, dimensions, packaging etc. This is the second product level on which a marketing strategy may be built. A Marketing technique Sales of Nescafe have been growing ever since 1938 when Nestle launched the first commercially successful soluble coffee. The Group